Written by Antoine M

Bailleau 2014 - 40th contestMesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen,Dames en Heren, meine sehr verehrten Damen und Herren, Signore e Signori (yes, because I'm talking to all the nationalities of this event), here is the moment hoped from a long time ago: the International Bailleau Contest 2014! But this year is a special year: it is the 40th edition, the 40th time we all meet here to share moments of friendliness (sometimes with one or two drinks, usually not soft, but always responsibly..), relax but also and especially moments of gliding. To mark this occasion, the organisation team did, does, and will do her best, for YOU dear competitors.
A wonderful program: hot water in the showers, Wifi all around the camping area, an amazing restaurant, a first class welcoming, organizers motivated and incredibly efficient, etc (and I think I forgot many things). So. I was going to forget the most important: a sky full of cumulus, powerful variometers, thermals of hell. At least 6m/s. Good plans, don't you think so? Is it possible to ask more?
Ow, yes. Competitors. Because without competitors, even with amazing conditions in the sky, no contest is possible. And even them are present. And they're numberous this year: with 70 gliders, above three hundreds persons will meet in Bailleau to celebrate and make this wonderful sport called gliding still more alive. To sum up, we are waiting for the competitors for their "check in" from Sunday 27th of July at 9.00 am. On the day after (I mean on Monday 28th of July), the first briefing will take place at 7.00 pm, followed by an aperitif. But be careful, no excess will be allowed, given that the competition starts on Friday morning.

The Bailleau International Contest Organisation Team.

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