Written by Antoine M

Dear competitors.

If the elements, day after day, are in keeping with my predictions, I’ll soon believe that I only have to promise good conditions to get them. Why? Simply because, yesterday, I told that today was going to be a good day. Even better than yesterday.

For sure, I’ll justify my words immediately. Regarding the good gliding conditions, that’s not so complicated: around 17.45 pm, there are only five competitors still not come back. Let’s cross our fingers (and even our toes, if you want to do so) and hope they’ll be back at home (sweet home) as soon as possible. Now, let’s talk about the weather. According to Julien (ZT): “it was better than yesterday”. I must agree with him. And if you observ some circuits that are already delivered at 6.00 pm, you’ll notice that some pilots have an average speed of 104 or 105 km/h. From now on, it is impossible to contest Julien’s judgement. We must respect and trust concrete facts...

Concerning the life on the platform, the weather was hot today. Especially on the North runway around midday (schedule that exactly corresponds to the first take-offs). Consequently, the competitors and their team looked for (and found) several ways to escape the sunshine. Ok. I give you some names. For example, we could see a man under Thom’s wing (M), or Batman under Thierry’s one (Z15). Don’t you think it is a shame for a member of the organisation?
One more prognostic: tomorrow, we’ll fly.

Whereas I hear Claude B.’s voice (alias Mrs Logger), I let you discussing about your performance with your friends and wish you good flies.

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 July 2014 21:59