Written by Antoine M

Ladies and gentlemen.
In France, we use to say that if something happens twice, it will happen one more time. One more time, this adage was true: this is the third day without interruption that we fly in Bailleau.
Today was a little bit more difficult than yesterday. Experts would use the word “tricky”. As a consequence, the tasks of the day were a bit shorter than yesterday. For the Long Flights class, the competitors had to cope with a circuit of 334 km through Rouvray, Joigny and St Fargeau. Regarding the Speed Race class, the “subject” was Illiers-Combray, Malesherbes and Montargis. And for the Amical class, competitors had to go to Loulappe, Malesherbes and Pithiviers.

Even if I qualify this day as a tricky one, our competitors succeeded quite well. Let’s say well. Only two outlandings: congratulations! Some excellent performances have to be highlighted. For example, Robbie (SR) managed to have an average of 108 km/h: he’s a recidivist (he was second yesterday). In the Long Flights class, Julien (ZT) is first-ranked with a speed of 107,6 km/h. In the Amical class, Nick and his Jantar (WM) are, one more time, first-ranked. Generally, all of them flew well today.
On a less technical side, the Bailleau airfield looked like Formula One paddocks today. We saw many parasols (or umbrellas that utility have been twisted, you choose) next to the gliders to prevent the pilots from sunburns. This eye-catchy show even caught the attention of French TV! Spectators could also enjoy the pleasant and rare vision of some lenticulars above the airfield… .

Now is the moment to keep good memories of these flies and think about tomorrow…

See you on Saturday (don’t forget the dinner tonight in the evening. Bills are still on sale!) ;) !      

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