Written by Eric

As we wait for August, here are a few highlights of 2010 edition.

The weather turned out to be exceptional during Bailleau's 2010 contest and the following facts speak for themselves:

Long Flights

The Long Flights contest earned its name with 9 tasks and 3300km achieved by the top scoring pilots.

Among which 3 remarkable flights were made:

  • A 591km task flown at a 97km/h average speed,
  • A 490km task completed in less than 4h10 with a 118 km/h average speed,
  • And while one task saw a majority of outlandings, 14 pilots nevertheless managed to fly for more than 530km, the winner missing the goal line by only 3km after a nice 615km flight...

Speed Race

This innovative class was inaugurated last year and we believe it fully lived up to its promises:

René-Louis Gavard (from Buno) won the Le Maon trophy with a 373km task at an average speed of 127.2 km/h, and this same task saw 14 pilots surpass the 100km/h average speed mark.

And with 9 tasks launched during the contest, 5 delivered average flying speeds of more than 100 km/h !

Despite a task length of 458km, the lengthiest flight in the Speed class ended between 17h30 and 18h30, well within the class objectives, designed to privilege speed over time by selecting the best soaring window during each flying day.

"Amical" Contest

The Amical revealed itself again as the ideal competition initiator.

Good weather conditions allowed the organizers to launch 3 tasks of more than 300km.

Junior competing pilots displayed their skills, some of which logging twice more than 100km/h averages, for the first time in their flying experiences.

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